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NetFrame bundles an intranet

NetFrame Systems will introduce a Pentium Pro-based server with bundled software specifically for corporations building intranet applications.

NetFrame Systems (NETF) will introduce a Pentium Pro-based server with bundled software early next month specifically tuned for corporations building intranet applications.

The new bundle incorporates NetFrame's 9000 line of Pentium Pro machines that debuted last month. The company, hobbled by a string of below-par financial quarters, is hoping to regain momentum by offering application-specific servers that are easy to install and maintain.

NetFrame, known for the high-availability architecture in its servers, hopes that the combination will win customers over as they deploy intranets and groupware applications.

The key to the new bundle is additional software. NetFrame has incorporated WebFlow's SamePage Web-based groupware collaboration tool and Wallop Software's Build-IT Web application development environment.

Those tools are added to a base Internet-intranet server platform that consists of NetFrame's Ready, and Intranet Go 2.0 intranet site development software that lets users create their own series of internal Web sites with a common look. Also contained in the platform is Microsoft's Windows NT 4.0, Internet Information Server 2.0, FrontPage 1.1, and Excite's search engine.

From NetFrame's perspective, all of these tools will allow a company to easily build, deploy, and link internal corporate information on the Web. The WebFlow product will allow users to interact with the information as well so that a company can meet and change documents across its intranet.

The NF9000is is priced at $33,790 for a single 200-MHz Pentium Pro system with 64MB of ECC memory.