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NetFrame attempts comeback

Struggling server maker NetFrame is attempting a comeback with a new line of Pentium Pro-based systems and accompanying clustering software.

Struggling NetFrame Systems (NETF) will try to make a comeback with a new line of Intel Pentium Pro-based systems and accompanying clustering software.

NetFrame has been known as a superserver vendor with a strong presence in the market for large high-availability systems. But as more systems vendors have brought those types of features to Intel-based servers, NetFrame may have lost the advantage that it once held.

Nevertheless, the company is gearing up again with the ClusterSystem 9000 series of systems that will run Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 and Novell IntranetWare, as well as include the option of new ClusterData software.

The 9000 superserver includes components based on the Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) standard and the I2O specification so that all parts of the server are hot-swappable. The server can support up to 20 clustered processors in four-way symmetric multiprocessing configurations and includes support for up to 16 PCI slots for network connections.

ClusterData software switches data or ongoing processes to another server in a cluster if there a failure. The secondary server can be operational as well.

NetFrame announced a 17 percent decrease in revenues for the third quarter last week, compared to those of the previous year. That resulted in a net loss for the quarter of $7.6 million.

The ClusterSystem 9000 is available now with prices starting at $25,000 for a single-processor system with 64MB of memory and 4.2GB of storage capacity.