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Netflix will stream new UK exorcism comedy 'Crazy Face'

The upcoming show stars Cara Theobold of "Downton Abbey" fame, and will get its first airing on the UK's Channel 4, prior to a global online debut on Netflix.


Cara Theobold's first acting role was playing Ivy Stuart in "Downton Abbey."

Getty/Karwai Tang, WireImage

Yet more new British comedy is soon to go global on Netflix. Following the release of Ricky Gervais' "Special Correspondents", the popular movie and TV streaming service will serve up a new horror comedy series after it airs in the UK.

"Crazy Face" comes from the mind of "Misfits" creator Howard Overman. It will star Cara Theobold (best known for playing Ivy Stuart in "Downton Abbey") and Susan Wokoma (from UK comedy "Chewing Gum") as demon hunters.

Filming for the six-episode drama begins this week. UK TV channel E4 will broadcast the new show in the UK, with Netflix following up with a global airing.

In a statement published by Channel 4, Larry Tanz, vice president of global TV and Netflix said, "Crazy Face is an eccentrically unique and entertaining series that will resonate with audiences across the globe."