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Netflix: We didn't mess with the ending of The Notebook

Some fans freaked out when an alternate ending for the film streamed in the UK.

The Notebook
Warner Brothers

Many fans know and love (and sob to) the ending of the beloved romantic film The Notebook. So much so that when Netflix streamed the movie with an alternate ending in the UK, some people were up in arms. (Beware, there are spoilers ahead.)

In the original version of the movie, lovers Allie and Noah die in bed while holding hands. But the Netflix UK version skips that scene and jumps to a shot of birds flying over a lake. 

"Why has @NetflixUK changed the ending to The Notebook!? I was going to watch it but now I'm going to need to buy it instead," one Twitter user said Monday. 

"Its shocking....! Give us back our gut wrenching tears!" another person tweeted. 

Netflix responded Wednesday to say the company didn't edit the film, and that "an alternate version exists and was supplied to us." 

The company added in another tweet that "the version of The Notebook coming to the US on March 1 will be the version that has always made you sob."

Phew. Never deny us the opportunity to ugly-cry.