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Netflix users, time to pick a plan

For subscribers of Netflix's hybrid plan, which will be phased out on Thursday, if you don't do anything by then, Netflix will sign you up for both DVD and streaming plans.

The big question in Web video this week is how many Netflix customers will stick with the service in the face of an upcoming price increase.

Click on photo to see stories on Netflix's rate hike. Greg Sandoval/CNET

But even those planning to continue with the service might want to make some decisions before time runs out and the decisions are made by the company.

In July, Netflix announced it would eliminate a popular hybrid plan. For $10 a month, users were allowed to rent one DVD at a time as well as obtain unlimited Web access to the company's streaming-video library. That's scheduled to disappear on Thursday.

This is a reminder that if you're a hybrid subscriber and do nothing by then, Netflix will assume you want both plans. That's certainly logical but it may be something you didn't think about. After Thursday, each plan will cost $7.99 per month, or $15.98 per month for both. If you want to go exclusively with one offer or the other, it's time to get a move on.

To make the changes or to cancel just visit your Netflix account page.

And if you're still trying to decide whether to pay extra for Netflix, here's a link to our stories about Netflix's rate hike and here's more food for thought from Jeanine Poggi at