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Netflix user profiles pop up on Apple TV

The feature allows different people in the home to track their own ratings, set up their own queues, and more.


Netflix's streaming application on the Apple TV has a new feature, according to recent reports.

Apple-tracking sites Macrumors and 9to5Mac are reporting the discovery of support for Netflix's user profiles on the Apple TV application. When folks on the Apple TV sign in, they'll be able to manager their family's profiles, and access their own usernames to create queues, see their recently viewed items, and get recommendations based on viewing history.

The addition of profiles is an important step for Netflix's streaming service. The company previously only offered a single interface for an entire family, meaning recommendations and queues were effectively combined. With profiles, they can all be separated and each person in the home can access what he or she wants based on their individual interests.

In a statement to CNET, a Netflix spokesperson said the feature is only being tested on the Apple TV and is only available to participants of the test. It has not been rolled out to any devices just yet. The testing has been ongoing for some time, according to the spokesperson.

Netflix has promised that the profiles will be fully rolled out across all products by the end of August.

CNET's Joan E. Solsman contributed to this report.

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Update, 8:57 a.m. PT: Adds statement from Netflix.