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Netflix is weirdly worried about 'A Christmas Prince' fans

Netflix took to Twitter to narc on the unusual viewing habits of some of its customers. Why so judgy, Netflix?

Sometimes you just need the watch the same seasonal rom-com over and over again.

Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Maybe your favorite Christmas movie is "It's a Wonderful Life" or "Love Actually" or "Gremlins." Or maybe it's the romantic Netflix original "A Christmas Prince," which just came out this year. 

Maybe you love "A Christmas Prince" so much that you've watched it 18 days in a row. In which case, Netflix has a very personal question for you. 

The Netflix US Twitter account sent out a worried tweet on Sunday asking "A Christmas Prince" fans "Who hurt you?"

Netflix called out exactly 53 anonymous users. While Netflix didn't name names, it has a lot of people thinking about their own guilty binge-watching habits. One Twitter user wanted to know what Netflix thinks about her "Teen Titans Go!" viewing sessions, to which Netflix replied:

But back to "A Christmas Prince." Maybe it's not about hurting, Netflix. Maybe it's about escaping the crushing consumerism of the holiday season by disappearing into a fantasy world where a plucky young journalist goes undercover at a castle to spy on a dashing prince. And maybe once wasn't enough, but 18 days just hit the spot. How about that, Netflix?  

Netflix's snarky tweet will no doubt boost the viewing numbers for "A Christmas Prince," which is probably the streaming service's ultimate end game. Now can we all just go back to bickering about whether or not "Die Hard" counts as a Christmas movie?