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Hip-hop hurray! Netflix announces season two of 'The Get Down'

The Baz Luhrmann-produced hip-hop series will come back for a second season in April.

Netflix unveiled the premier date for season two of "The Get Down" in a short trailer uploaded to YouTube. The new season of the Netflix original series, officially dubbed as "Part II," will debut on April 7.

As a Baz Luhrmann-produced project, "The Get Down" is a visually stunning series that explores the birth of hip-hop in New York through the eyes of musically-inclined teens who live in the Bronx. The first season consisted of six episodes and premiered last August. It was reported that the series cost more than $120 million to make, the most Netflix has spent on any of its original series.

The trailer, which only lasts 15 seconds, doesn't contain much as far as spoilers go. According to Deadline, the second season is set a year after season one. As the premier date comes closer, we're sure Netflix will divulge more of what to expect in "The Get Down: Part II."