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Netflix, Telstra public Wi-Fi and new-look Qantas entertainment in Girt by CNET podcast 07

Netflix names a date for its Australian launch, Telstra kicks off its public Wi-Fi project and Qantas revamps its in-flight entertainment with an emphasis on the binge, all in this week's Girt by CNET.

It's official: Netflix will be launching its greatly anticipated service in Australia in March next year. Lots of questions remain -- how much will it cost, what shows will it have, what devices will the app be on -- but we take a long look at what we do know about Netflix. (And we make fun of Stan again.)

Meanwhile, Telstra has started its public Wi-Fi project, offering free internet access via public hotspots in capital cities --we talk about the long term ambitions of the project.

Finally, we check out what Qantas is offering as part of its new look in-flight entertainment.

Girt by CNET Podcast 07

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