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Netflix says sorry with 5 percent credit

Video-rental company apologizes for 11-hour outage and says it will credit affected customers 5 percent of their monthly fee.

Netflix has extended an apology, in the form of a discount, to customers in the wake of an 11-hour site outage.

On Monday, the Web's leading movie-rental service suffered its second extended outage in the past nine months. This time, the glitch led to customers receiving their DVDs a day late. For those who were inconvenienced, Netflix is crediting their account 5 percent.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused," Netflix told customers via e-mail. "We will issue a (5 percent) credit to your account in the next few days."

Netflix has declined to say what caused the glitch, how many customers were affected, or what the total cost was to the company.