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Netflix lost viewers during the total solar eclipse

The streaming service reported a 10 percent drop in plays during the event.


Instead of watching shows like "Stranger Things," Netflix reported a drop in their usual viewers during the total solar eclipse. 


Americans may have been more interested in a real-life stranger thing than watching "Stranger Things" on Netflix Monday.

According to the streaming service, Netflix lost 10 percent of its usual viewership during the total solar eclipse that took place Monday, which put a portion of the US in a state of total darkness while the moon blocked out the sun.

Netflix, which traditionally doesn't release its viewership numbers, tweeted the news about its lunar rival Monday evening while joking that felt betrayed.

Netflix clarified to CNET that the number was service-wide and not related to any particular type of content, but I have to wonder if any of their science-related programming upticked during the event.