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Netflix Marie Kondo series inspires internet to come clean

The six-episode streamer Tidying Up With Marie Kondo is sweeping loose a lot of feelings on social media.

Decluttering guru Marie Kondo went from best-selling author to streaming-series star when her Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, launched globally on Jan. 1.

In the show, Kondo brings her organizing expertise to the lives of families who really need it. And it turns out a lot of viewers were inspired by the work to perhaps bring the KonMari method into their own messes. Kondo's special way of folding clothes earned special attention from many.

Kondo is known for encouraging people to keep only items that spark joy, and to thank rejected items before tossing them out. "Marie Kondo has spoken," wrote Madeleine Roux. "If you enter my home and do not spark joy I will throw you in the trash."

Not everyone loved the idea of creating more trash, even if it temporarily decluttered a home.

Although donation is an option. "Marie Kondo is a fictional character created by Goodwill Industries to get me to donate half of everything I own," one guy wrote

Who might be a Kondo fan? How about Thanos himself? After all, the villain of Avengers: Infinity War fame did, um, declutter the Earth.

Some people, however, are determined to never change. "Me laying in bed watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo," one Twitter user captioned a photo of a woman reclining on a giant messy pile of stuff. 

Some found the whole phenomenon rather funny. "How ironic that there are suddenly far more Marie Kondo jokes than necessary," wrote one Twitter user.