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Netflix makes its way to the Sony Entertainment Network

The streaming service will be available on all 2012 Bravia Blu-ray and Blu-ray home theater products.

Screenshot by Greg Sandoval/CNET

Sony Entertainment Network has expanded with Netflix access, the companies announced today.

Starting today, those who own any of Sony's 2012 Bravia Blu-ray or Blu-ray home theater products that come with Sony Entertainment Network support will find Netflix's app available. Upon logging in to the service, Netflix subscribers will be able to stream any of Netflix's television shows or films.

Sony Entertainment Network allows users on a host of the company's products to access music and video. The offering, which is available on Bravia televisions, the PlayStation 3, and other products, already includes support for YouTube and BBC News. Sony also bundles its Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services with the platform.

Netflix's expansion to the Entertainment Network comes just a day after the company released first-quarter earnings. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told analysts his company is "performing exactly as we had hoped."

Netflix netted 1.7 million new streaming subscribers in the first quarter. Looking ahead, however, there is considerable doubt surrounding Netflix, which says it may add just 200,000 new streaming customers in the current quarter.

"I don't think anyone is ready to give Netflix the benefit of the doubt at this point," Aaron Kessler, an analyst with Raymond James, told The Associated Press yesterday.