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Netflix 'Lost in Space' reboot teaser hints at disaster

"Danger, Will Robinson!" The date-announcement teaser for Netflix's "Lost in Space" remake features a creepy Robot voice.

The original "Lost in Space" from the 1960s is a campy sci-fi time capsule, but it's about to get a radical update for the modern age as Netflix unleashes a rebooted version of the series. 

Netflix dropped a date-announcement teaser Wednesday that sets up the origin story and hints at the drama to come. All episodes will stream on Netflix starting on April 13.

The basic premise is the same. The Robinson family is on a mission to establish a new space colony, but they end up crash-landing on an unknown planet instead. 

Fans of the original "Lost in Space" will notice the extreme difference in robot voices. We hear the iconic line "Danger, Will Robinson" at the end of the teaser, but it sounds ominous and not nearly as human as the Robot of the earlier series. 

We don't get to see the new Robot, but it will likely get a modern makeover in the appearance department. But that voice will haunt us until we finally get a good look at the bot.