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Netflix lands on Virgin Media TiVo boxes for lucky few

Netflix, meet TiVo: the popular movie and TV streaming service is coming to Virgin Media's set-top boxes.

Netflix, meet TiVo. The popular movie and TV streaming service is coming to Virgin Media's set-top boxes.

40,000 Virgin Media customers will get Netflix on their TiVo boxes this week, ahead of a full launch later in the year.

You have to be a paying Netflix customer to use the app, so that's an extra £6 per month on top of whatever you're paying for your Virgin Media box -- but if you're signing up for the first time, you do get a month for free. And in return you get exclusive shows such as Breaking Bad, House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and more. Virgin will confirm full pricing when the app launches properly.

Virgin Media says it's the first time Netflix is available on a pay-TV platform, although many Virgin, Sky and BT Vision viewers can already watch the service on their big screen, thanks to the Netflix app for several manufacturer's smart TVs.

The Netflix app will be found in the Apps & Games section of your TiVo. If you already watch Netflix, simply log in with your existing Netflix credentials, and if you're not you can sign up through the app. Your TV will then join your laptop, phone, tablet or games console in the list of devices on your Netflix account, but don't worry: unlike rival services such as Now TV, Netflix allows as many devices as you like. You and your friends and family can only watch two at a time though unless you pay extra.

Netflix recently introduced user profiles to share one account and a watch list to bookmark movies and TV for later, including the final episodes of Breaking Bad just hours after they're shown on US TV.

Kevin Spacey, star of the hit Netflix-funded US remake of House of Cards, recently called for the TV industry to "learn the lesson the music industry didn't" by giving viewers "what they want, when they want it, in the form they want it, at a reasonable price."

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