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Apparently Netflix thinks Netflix is a joke

Commentary: Billboards in LA and New York appear to mock Netflix. Oddly, the streaming service appears to be behind them.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.



Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk

One or two people must have imagined Banksy was behind it. 

Or, perhaps, Amazon Prime.

In LA and New York, billboards began to appear in recent days, with this stark black-and-white message: "Netflix is a joke."

There have been times where this has definitely been true. 

Who can forget the time that Netflix decided to separate its DVD service and call it Qwikster?

Recently, though, Netflix seems to have been doing quite well. Who, then, might be behind this carping?

Netflix didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. However, Variety insists that Netflix itself is the creator here.

The speculation is that these billboards are actually trumpeting the company's increasing investment in comedy. 

Indeed, Netflix already has a separate comedic Instagram account that is currently promoting a Jerry Seinfeld special.

Shows featuring Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle are also in the works.

Perhaps, though, these comedic ad works are only the beginning. 

Perhaps there will be more fine billboards that will soon be revealed, each advertising an aspect of the service and each with its own deep brand of honesty. 

How about: "It's hard to find a decent movie on Netflix"?

Or: "Netflix. We have a lot of Adam Sandler movies."

And surely we will soon see vast billboards declaring: "Netflix is a house of cards."

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