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Netflix increases UK subscription prices by up to 20%

The streaming site already upped its prices in the US.


UK Netflix subscribers will pay a higher price if they want to see the upcoming season of Black Mirror.


Netflix has increased the cost of its UK subscriptions for the first time in two years, with its standard plan costing an extra £1 (around $1.25) a month.

This plan, which is the streaming service's most popular option, now costs £9 ($11.30) for new subscribers. It allows for two simultaneous streams and HD video.

The premium option, which lets you have four streams at once and ultra-HD video, jumped £2 ($2.50) to £12 ($15). The basic SD-only subscription stays the same at £6 ($7.50).

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The increases will hit the 10 million existing UK subscribers "over the coming weeks," The Guardian reported Thursday. The company in January increased its prices in the US, where people pay $9, $13 or $16 depending on their choice of plan.

The price hike reflects "the significant investments" Netflix has made in new TV shows and movies, like the upcoming fifth season of Black Mirror and The Dark Crystal prequel series, it told the BBC.

Netflix didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.