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Netflix comedy 'Glow' is full of '80s hair and wrestle mania

Get ready for spandex, big hair, piledrivers and a peek into the world of '80s women's wrestling with the trailer for the upcoming Netflix series "GLOW."

Caution: Some NSFW language appears in the trailer.

Netflix is decking itself out with shoulder pads, stretch tights and perms in the new trailer for "GLOW," a show about the raucous world of women's wrestling in the 1980s. "GLOW" stands for "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling."

The original "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling" syndicated television show debuted in 1986 and lasted for four seasons. The Netflix show follows the journey of fictional wrestler Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie from "Community" and "Mad Men"). Wilder is struggling to make it as an actress in Hollywood when she gets involved with the wrestling promotion.

The trailer is full of '80s fashions, parties, a robot stocked with drugs and some serious pro-wrestling moves.

It looks like "GLOW" will combine a character-driven storytelling approach with a solid dose of humor and a touch of drama, much like Netflix hit "Orange is the New Black," which shares several executive producers with "GLOW."

Season one of "GLOW" debuts on Netflix on June 23.