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Netflix gives 3 percent credit for outage

The company formally apologizes to users for a modest interruption of its streaming service and offers to make up for it on their next bill.

Netflix has apologized for Tuesday's outage of its streaming service.

"We're sorry you may have had trouble watching instantly," an e-mail sent last night to Netflix subscribers reads. The company went on to explain that the outage was "due to technical issues." To make it right, Netflix is offering a 3 percent credit to customers on their next billing statement. The credit is available for seven days, and users can redeem it by following the link in the e-mail.

Netflix subscribers were stymied for a couple hours or so Tuesday night when trying to access the service from their PCs or other devices. The company first mentioned the issue on its Twitter account that day saying that it was "aware that the Web site may not work for everyone." It followed that up with with two tweets yesterday, the first saying that streaming had been restored on the Web site and the second saying the service was back up on all devices.

This isn't the first time Netflix has offered such a credit to its customers. In 2008, the company's site was down for 11 hours, causing users to receive their DVDs a day later than expected.

Netflix offered customers a 5 percent credit that time.