Netflix: Coming soon to a Mac near you

Tacked onto the end of a midnight blog post, a Netflix representative announces the company's instant viewing service will work on Macs by the end of this year.


With little fanfare, Netflix previewed a feature many Mac users have wanted to see for quite some time.

A little tidbit tucked away at the bottom of a blog entry posted in the wee hours of the morning proclaims that the movie rental company will make its "Watch now" service work on Macs by the end of this year.

Separately, the company announced that it has forged a deal with Starz that adds 2,500 movies and TV shows to its streaming library.

Netflix still has a long way to go before its instant viewing library can compare with its DVD rental library (of 132 movies in my personal Netflix queue, only 21 are available for instant viewing). The relatively small number of videos available for streaming have limited the "Watch now" feature's usefulness for some time (not to mention that of the Roku player). But the added titles and forthcoming Mac compatibility does bring Netflix one step closer to being truly competitive with the iTunes Store for video rentals.

Now to get a few more deals made, and the streaming service working with Firefox.

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