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Netflix confirms 'Bright' sequel with silly orc auditions

Get ready for more bad-tempered orcs, angry humans and fancy elves as Netflix promises a sequel to its action-fantasy movie "Bright."

If you didn't get enough elves with machines guns and odd-couple buddy-cop banter with Netflix's urban fantasy "Bright," then you're in luck. There will be another one. The streaming service confirmed a follow-up film by releasing a video of "leaked orc auditions" on Wednesday.

Reports emerged that Netflix had ordered a sequel before "Bright" even debuted on Dec. 22, but today's video, a tweet and a Facebook post make it official.

Netflix tends to keep its viewership numbers pretty guarded, but it did say in a release that "Bright" was the highest viewed Netflix film ever in its first week of release, as well as one of the biggest originals the service has ever launched. It has been a particularly big hit with viewers outside the US. 

"Bright" stars Will Smith as a weary Los Angeles cop while Joel Edgerton plays his rookie orc partner. There's magic, orc gangs, well-dressed elves and a plot involving a wand. 

The orc audition video drops some hints about what the sequel might cover, including orcs gone wild, the last Inferni and wand wars. 

So far, the sequel is known as "Bright 2," but it will probably end up with a more creative title at some point. Netflix hasn't revealed any casting or release date information yet.