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Savor or devour: New binge-watching scale rates your Netflix consumption speed

Watch more than two hours of your new favorite streaming show in a single sitting? You're a devourer.


Watch more than two hours of "Orange is the New Black" in a single night? You're devouring it. Watch just an episode or two of "Fuller House?" You, my couch potato friend, are savoring.

That's the scale on which Netflix now judges how its audience is consuming its content. The company's newly announced Binge Scale shows how members watch a series in either a slow progression or an all out marathon.

Netflix examined over 100 TV series on a global level and figured out how long it takes for a viewer to finish a whole run. The company found that series that tend towards the thriller side of the genre scale -- say, "Breaking Bad "-- make it harder to stop watching (devour). But more deliberative dramas like "Mad Men" have us watching at a slower pace (savor).

So next time you sit down to watch a series, will you savor or devour?