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Arrested Development season 5 gets release date

In the new Netflix trailer for Arrested Development, the Bluth family is back together and back to old habits.


Season 5 of Arrested Development is out May 29.

Netflix screenshot by Erin Carson/CNET

The Bluths are back.

The phenomenally dysfunctional family is reuniting in a new trailer out Monday for season 5 of Arrested Development.

In the trailer, Lindsay runs for office, George Michael is still awkward and Michael is flustered as always.

Then there's that Ron Howard voiceover: "Nothing holds you down like family."

Season 5 of Arrested Development lands on Netflix May 29. A remixed take on the show's fourth season hit last week. 

Arrested Development has attracted a cult following over the past 15 years, starting with a three-season TV run from 2003 to 2006. DVDs and streaming services have exposed new audiences to the show, leading to a fourth and now fifth season commissioned by Netflix.