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Netflix and Roger Corman to haunt the Internet

Netflix and famed maker of horror films are teaming up on a series of Webisodes called "Splatter." The twist? Viewers get to decide the fate of characters.

Renowned horror filmmaker Roger Corman is going "boo" on the Internet this Halloween.

Corman and online rental company Netflix are joining forces to frighten online audiences with a trilogy of Internet Webisodes charmingly titled "Splatter."

The first episode rises from the grave on October 29, the second appears on November 6, and the third closes the bloody chapter later in November on, of course, Friday the 13th.

But the trilogy is more than just an online scarefest. Using the interactive power of the Net, viewers will be able to vote on the fate of the characters in each of the three "Splatter" stories.


The episodes will be free for everyone to watch on their computers; no Netflix membership is required. But Netflix members on an unlimited plan will be able to check out "Splatter" on other devices, including Netflix-ready Blu-ray players, Microsoft's Xbox 360, and TiVo DVRs

"Splatter" tells the tale of rock 'n' roller Johnny Splatter, whose sudden death has drawn together his professional hangers-on, eager to see what the star has left them in his will. But Johnny's unexpected return to the living may bring his "friends" more than they bargained for.

Known for such classic '60s horror films as "Little Shop of Horrors," "Pit and the Pendulum," and "The Raven," Corman jumped at the chance to scare up a story that would let the audience join in on the fun.

"When Netflix approached me with this unique idea, I was truly intrigued about creating something that left the ending up to the audience," said Corman in a statement. "Making content for the Web is a natural progression for me, but 'Splatter' is a rare opportunity to involve my horror fans who really love being a part of the process."

To create the Webisodes, Corman recruited other horror film veterans. Filmmaker Joe Dante ("Gremlins," "Twilight Zone: The Move") applied his directing talents to each Webisode, while actor Corey Feldman ("The Goonies," "The Lost Boys") plays the lead role of Johnny Splatter.

"Netflix is delighted to be working with such film luminaries as Roger Corman and Joe Dante to bring our instant streaming capabilities to life in a unique and creative way for horror fans across the country," said Leslie Kilgore, chief marketing officer for Netflix, in a statement. "'Splatter' is a celebration of classic horror movies and it gives fans of the genre an exciting way to sample watching instantly at Netflix."

Starting October 29, the Webisodes can be seen at