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Netflix glitch puts Aziz Ansari stand-up subtitles over nature documentary, hilarity ensues

If you've ever thought Tom Haverford from "Parks and Recreation" would make a great nature documentary narrator, it turns out you were absolutely correct.


Aziz Ansari already has a pretty thick resume -- he's an actor, stand-up comic and even an author. Now, he can add documentary narrator to that list. Sort of.

Reddit user BenMeiri84 this week apparently discovered that Netflix had inadvertently taken subtitles from Ansari's "Live from Madison Square Garden" special and added them to a nature documentary. The internet suspects that David Attenborough's Planet Earth" is the victim.

"A friend was watching some BBC nature show on Netflix, and a glitch on Netflix cause it to have Aziz Ansari's stand up special's subtitles [sic]," the user wrote. Said friend's Facebook post was made on Tuesday.


You can see the full gallery in all its glory here.

Some of the shots legitimately look like what would happen if Tom Haverford, the character Ansari plays on "Parks and Recreation", got a gig as a nature documentary narrator.

But then, it may be too good to be true. CNET contacted Netflix for verification but did not immediately get a response.