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NetFinder to speed Mac Web production

Apple's NetFinder is designed to help Mac developers set up Web sites faster.

Apple expanded its repertoire of Internet-related products today with a tool designed to help Mac developers set up Web sites faster by using an interface similar to that of a Macintosh Finder window.

NetFinder is now available as a free beta on Apple's CyberTech Web site.

Instead of having to use FTP to access a host directory, Mac developers can use NetFinder to access files and directories over the Internet. The interface allows sorts by name, size, kind, and last modified, just as in a normal Macintosh Finder window and when a file icon is clicked, NetFinder converts the document to HTML on the fly, retaining the file's original text colors, styles and sizes for viewing in the client's browser.

NetFinder also features security and access privileges, including password verification.

NetFinder is the latest in a series of tools that Apple has produced to help and encourage Mac developers to create Web sites.

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