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Netcom adds ISDN option

The national ISP is offering an ISDN service tailored to home-office professionals, telecommuters, and small businesses.

Catering to the needs of small businesses, Netcom On-line Communication Services (NETC) today offered a high-speed service tailored to mom-and-pop operations.

The company said the new Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) service is targeted at home-office professionals, teleworkers, and small businesses that require reliable connections to the Internet.

Netcom will provide the ISDN option to its Netcomplete Advantage, Netcomplete Advantage Pro, and Identity Pack customers through more than 60 of its points of presence across the United States.

The service costs $25 a month plus the standard $24.95 a month for Netcom service.

The company also said it will provide ISDN customers with access to unmetered x2 service in more than 60 points of presence, or 33.6-kbps dial-up services in more than 230 points of presence around the United States.

The new service follows Netcom's announcement that it plans to merge with ICG Communications (ICGX), a local telephone company.

The merger is expected to close in the first quarter of 1998, pending approval by stock holders of both companies and regulatory entities.