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MP3 Players

Netac A200: MP3 player with FM transmission

Netac's A200 is a handy MP3 player with FM transmission built-in. This makes it a godsend for you car audio addicts who aren't part of the iPod/iTrip system

When you're driving, there's no replacement for CD-quality audio through great speakers. A trendy car system is often out of people's price league though, so handy and affordable alternatives are always welcome. We've got Netac's A200 in the house at Crave, an MP3 player with an FM transmitter built-in, which beams your tunes to your car radio wirelessly.

With 2GB of memory, a colour OLED display and of course the FM transmission, this might be a viable purchase for you car-audio enthusiasts who consider hi-fi-quality sound in your car too expensive an investment. The sad fact is, while sound quality is acceptable and the price, £59, is affordable, the A200 is so gut-wrenchingly unusuable it should be law not to operate the thing while driving.

On the flip side of the coin, someone in the passenger seat could always be persuaded to endure the ugly interface and skip through the tunes while you concentrate on keeping your optical spheres on the road ahead. You might have to bribe them with Haribo.

You won't get FM transmission from any MP3 player much cheaper than this, so it'll always be one to consider if price truly is the key factor, especially if you don't already own an iPod. Look out for our full review soon. -Nate Lanxon