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Net users flock to IRS site at tax time

U.S. employees are rushing to the Net as they attempt to beat the tax-filing deadline.

U.S. employees are rushing to the Net as they attempt to beat Monday's tax-filing deadline.

Nielsen/NetRatings said at-home daily traffic to the Web site skyrocketed 120 percent while the site soared to 131 percent in a span of one week.

Daily traffic to the site jumped to 475,947 unique visitors April 15 from 215,933 unique visitors April 8, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. The TurboTax site had 313,676 unique visitors April 15, compared with 135,531 unique visitors April 8.

Traffic to the tax Web sites underscores how the Internet is increasingly becoming integrated in people's lives, particularly as they become increasingly able to send electronic documents over the Web.

"Our data shows that for the past few days in particular, last minute tax-filers have taken advantage of the convenience of the Web by filing their tax returns through," Sean Kaldor, vice president of e-commerce at NetRatings, said in a statement.