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Net threats hit servers, phones

Akamai confirms an attack on its network that took down Google, Yahoo and others. Also: Smart phones draw their first worm.

roundup Akamai confirms an attack on its domain system that took down sites including Google, Yahoo and Also: Smart phones draw their first worm.
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CNET's James Hilliard polls vendors at NetSec 2004.

'Zombie' PCs caused Web outage

Attackers built a "botnet" of unknowing home PCs to bring down Google and other sites, Akamai says.
June 16, 2004

Smart-phone worm has a hang-up

Researchers say the "Cabir" virus takes an approach that hampers its spread--it asks for permission to infect your phone.
June 15, 2004

Blackout hits major Web sites

Denial-of-service attack rattles Akamai's Net service and knocks Yahoo, Google and others offline.
June 15, 2004

Microsoft: No antivirus product yet

Software giant plans service to protect against viruses, but says it's still studying market.
June 15, 2004

'Phishing' on the rise in U.S., researcher says

Nearly 2 million people reported security breaches to their checking accounts during the last year, the researcher says.
June 15, 2004

Worm ready to wriggle into smart phones

The first phone-infecting worm is just for show, but antivirus experts say there are more to come.
June 14, 2004