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Net neutrality protest planned at Google on Friday

Google and Verizon's proposal for Net neutrality regulations will be protested by a group of critics outside its Mountain View headquarters Friday.

A vocal critic of Google and Verizon's Net neutrality proposal plans to hold a protest rally outside Google headquarters Friday that it says will remind Google not to be evil.

Free Press, one of the more strident opponents of the Net neutrality proposal unveiled on Monday, is organizing the protest along with Civic Action,, Credo Action, and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, it said in a press release Thursday. "With public backlash growing against the pact between Google and Verizon that threatens the free and open Internet experience, Internet users from across the Bay Area will converge outside Google headquarters on Friday, Aug. 13, to protest the pact and urge the search-engine giant to live up to its corporate motto: "Don't Be Evil,'" the groups said.

Google and Verizon have taken a lot of heat this week over their proposal, which, most controversially, would allow carriers to develop services over private networks and put off regulation of the wireless Internet. Google felt compelled to defend itself Thursday in a blog post asserting the "facts" about its proposal.

CNET will be in Mountain View on Friday to check out the noon protest, and we're very curious as to how many people will actually show up.