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Tech Industry

Net IPOs mixed in debuts

Another slew of Internet IPOs lifted off Friday. They received mixed reactions from a market a bit jaded by this week's steady parade of .com debuts.

The latest batch of IPOs follows a trio of solid debuts on Thursday. IPOs have been one of few bright spots in the miasma of this week's interest obsessed markets. Today's IPOs followed the spectacular debut of Juniper Networks (Nasdaq: JNPR), which surged as high as 106 at midday Friday.

Persistence Software Inc. (Nasdaq: PRSW) jumped 25.6 percent, up 2 13/16 to 13 13/16. The company offers server software products that are used for high volume e-commerce transactions. It opened with an offer of 3 million shares priced at $11, the top of its range.

Among companies taking advantage of the e-commerce craze, is Corp. (Nasdaq: INTM), although the stock closed the day unchanged at 14. The Web site, which will offer integrated business-to-business vertical content, priced 3.4 million shares at $14 Thursday, above its estimated range of $10 to $12.

U.S. Search Inc. (Nasdaq: Nasdaq: SRCH) fell 22.9 percent, dropping 2 1/16 to 6 15/16. It priced 6 million shares at $9 Friday, at the bottom of its $9-$11 estimated range. will provide a Web site and toll-free telephone number to connect clients to public record information about individuals. Inc. (Nasdaq: STMP) an online postage company in which Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT), rose 24.4 percent, up 2 11/16 to 13 11/16. It also priced at the top of its range, offering 5 million shares for $11.