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Net gets first dibs on "Spider" trailer

It's a natural: The preview for Sony Pictures' new "Spider-Man" movie is set to be released next week. The first place to see it? The Web, of course.

Spider-Man is coming, and the first place you'll find him, naturally enough, is on the Web.

The preview for Sony Pictures' new "Spider-Man" movie will be released exclusively online before showing up in the theaters, the company said.

"This Internet exclusive is also our way of saying 'thank you' to the online community that has so enthusiastically followed and supported the development and production of 'Spider-Man' over the past several years," Columbia TriStar marketing executive Geoffrey Ammer said in a statement Wednesday. Columbia TriStar is affiliated with Sony Pictures.

The trailer will be available in three sizes, including full screen, using Apple Computer's QuickTime technology.

The preview will launch March 27 at the movie's official Web site. The movie opens May 3.