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.Net for Mac? No way

Microsoft is envisioning .Net as a closed system that will only benefit itself.


.Net for Mac? No way

In response to the July 26 column by Chris LeTocq, "Time for Apple to decide about .Net":

I'm a recent convert to the Mac.


After using both Macs and PC's in my professional life for over ten years, I've always had a PC at home.

However, once I heard about .Net and saw how it could be leveraged by Microsoft to compromise my privacy, and saw how Microsoft has continued to produce a fairly flawed product for mass consumption, I dumped my PCs at home and got a Mac desktop and laptop.

The way that open source and open standards are making inroads in this wired world convinces me that the future isn't in proprietary systems like .Net that guide me to the products, services and ideas that only one corporation wants me to see.

Apple is embracing open source with OS X. If .Net were an open initiative with proper safeguards for security and privacy, I'd jump on the bandwagon in a heartbeat. But Microsoft is envisioning it as a closed system that will only benefit itself.

Frankly, I've never been happier since I went from Mac to PC. And I no longer use any Microsoft products. The company's disregard for customers has slowly, but surely, driven me away and made me quite wary of any of their initiatives. I can only conclude that Microsoft's position as a leader in the industry will erode over time.

Randy A. Riddle
Mebane, N.C.