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Net content and common sense

A reader wonders when human beings became so dependent on technology that they now lack the sense to just not look for content that is going to offend them.


Net content and common sense

In response to the June 22 Reuters story, "French group strikes at neo-Nazi portal":

I am in no way an advocate of hate, hate crimes or racist Web sites.

I have to say, however, that there appears to be an inherent lack of common sense among the anti-racist groups around the world. The Internet being what it is, an open forum for free expression (with the exception of child pornography--of which most countries around the world loathe in unison), it is an option-based service.

You either opt to view content on the Internet or you opt not to. When did human beings become so dependent on technology that they now lack the common sense to just not look for content that is going to be offensive to them? There might be the issue of accidentally arriving at a site due to a misleading search engine entry, but no one is forcing the person directed to such a site to stay, or return. Why should the ISPs bear the responsibility for censoring content for hundreds of thousands of people, just because people seem to lack enough sense to stay away on their own?

At the same time, what right do ISPs have to make decisions for viewers on what content is acceptable or unacceptable, and which domains or networks should or should not be blocked? The way I see it, people are not innocent bystanders just cruising carefree around the Net with no regard to the content that is available. People know the information is out there. Most likely, they know how to find it. They also have the intelligence and common sense not to go to sites that offend them.

Bottom line, if you don't like it, then don't go there. Then you don't have to worry about how it makes you feel, because you're not looking at the content to begin with. So don't waste the courts' time with such stupidity. Their time is better spent putting murderers, rapists and other criminals in jail.

David Young
North Carolina