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Net calling gets hung up on key issues

Texas sues Vonage over 911 problem. Also: Level 3 withdraws request for major FCC ruling.

VoIP is feeling growing pains--Vonage, for one, faces hostile carriers that may be blocking its calls, and now Texas is suing over emergency calls. Also: The FCC ruling that wasn't.

Texas sues Vonage over 911 problem

U.S. Net phone leader wasn't clear about technology's less reliable 911 service, state attorney general claims.
March 22, 2005

Level 3 withdraws request for VoIP fee ruling

One of the most important Internet telephony rulings of the year was expected from federal regulators Tuesday, but now it won't happen.
March 21, 2005

Vonage says its calls are still being blocked

Net phone provider claims cable and wireless Internet providers are causing problems for their customers. Port blocking seems alive and well.
March 21, 2005

Phishing by phone--VoIP raises security concerns

Net phone services have drawn millions of users. Now they're also attracting identity thieves looking to turn stolen credit cards into cash.
March 20, 2005 Previous coverage

Skype goes for the gold

VoIP upstart will add more paid services to speed transition from free-call company to profitable provider of phone services. Look out, Bells and cells...
March 17, 2005

AT&T Net phone disappoints

A 2004 launch with tremendous hype didn't provide much advantage for CallVantage, which hasn't drawn nearly as many customers as the long-distance giant had hoped.
March 17, 2005