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Net cable in the clear?

The impact of FCC proposals that weigh whether cable modem services should be regulated are murky, at least in the short term.

Nascent cable modem services that provide fast access to the Internet such as @Home and Time Warner's RoadRunner may be the ones to watch in telecommunications policy and on Wall Street, as the FCC is looking into whether these providers should be subject to regulation. However, it's not readily apparent that they will be affected in the short term.

@Home won't suffer from FCC
Analysts speculate there will be little short-term impact on Net cable services from FCC regulatory proposals.

@Home to test flashy ads
The cable Net access provider is teaming up with several high-profile firms to test the effectiveness of media-rich ads on the high-speed platform.

Is cable Net access like cable TV?
update The FCC is exploring whether services such as @Home and RoadRunner should be regulated or be forced to open their high-speed networks to competitors.