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Nest Hello video doorbell deal: $30 off plus free Google Home Mini

Through July 17 is not only offering a discount on its video doorbell but throwing in a Google Home Mini speaker to sweeten the deal.

The Nest Hello replaces your doorbell.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Hey Cheeps, Rick is still on vacation for the few more days, but he'll be back in this space soon. In the meantime, the rest of the CNET crew will be doing our best to fill his shoes, focusing on the best deals we can find in the run-up to Independence Day.

Nest frequently has its thermostats on sale but it's now running a deal on its Hello video doorbell through July 17. You get $30 off, which brings the price down to $200. That's what you'd pay for it at retail outlets like Best Buy, but if you buy it at, Nest will throw in a Google Home Mini speaker, a $50 value (Google is Nest's parent company).

CNET editor Megan Wollerton called the Nest Hello the "smartest video doorbell around." Read her full review.

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