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This snazzy Nespresso capsule coffee maker is nearly 50% off on Amazon

There are two options and both come with 42 capsules to get you started.


Making fewer trips outside is kind of a thing these days, so for barista-style coffee drinks made at home, you're going to need a vehicle for making espresso. May I present to you one attractive deal on two sleek Nespresso Virtuo Next capsule espresso and coffee makers? The two units are seemingly identical in size and function, and both are currently marked down almost 50% to just $100 on Amazon. 

Both Vertuo Next coffee systems are produced by Nespresso, with one in partnership with Breville while the other is in partnership with De'Longhi -- two high-end and well-respected brands. Both the machines also brew espresso and single-serve coffee in six different sizes and come with a 30-pack of capsules, plus a bonus gift 12-pack to get started. (The milk frother shown is not included in the bundle.)