We're dying to wear this beautiful, custom 3D-printed dress (Tomorrow Daily 339)

DARPA pitches an idea for a robotic satellite mechanic; also, you can now order the Kinematic Petals Dress, 3D-printed and custom-fit to your exact measurements.

DARPA thinks it has a solution for aging satellites that need repairs (or will need them in the near future): the company wants to build a robotic service vehicle that would orbit alongside satellites until repairs were required, then would make those repairs when tasked by engineers on Earth.

We're also talking about Nervous System's Kinematic Petals Dress, a beautiful 3D-printed dress that recently became available for order. As you design your dress, it changes its structure to ensure the best fit for your measurements, and can be adjusted based on the wearer's style, color and shape preferences.


339: We're dying to wear this beautiful, custom 3D-printed dress (Tomorrow Daily)

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