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Nerf Wii Blaster holds Wiimotes, launches darts

EA Hasbro has announced its new lineup of games, including a Nerf-branded Wii title that uses a Zapper-like blaster that doubles as a Nerf dart gun.

Nerf Wii blaster

When it comes to plastic toy guns, two names tend to come to mind: Nerf and the Zapper. Thanks to the new partnership between Electronic Arts and Hasbro, those two are about to collide. Kotaku and Shacknews have reported that EA Hasbro has revealed Nerf N-Strike for the Nintendo Wii and DS systems, along with a Wiimote-based Nerf blaster.

Wii Zapper clones aren't exactly new. Nyko's Perfect Shot offers a satisfyingly gun-shaped alternative to the Zapper, and CTA Digital's torrent of inexplicable gun grips give even more choices. Nerf's Wii blaster puts a new spin on the Zapper by making it double as a functional Nerf dart gun. The Wiimote can pop into the Nerf-themed gun grip to function as a game controller, or you can pop in a Nerf blaster module to fire foam darts at your friends and enemies.

The Nerf N-Strike games and blaster are scheduled to ship in fall 2008. Hasbro will likely unveil more details about the games at next week's Toy Fair in New York.