Nerdy aprons let you be barefoot and geeky in the kitchen

Dress for kitchen success with a Tardis, Darth Vader, or Avengers apron from Darling Army on Etsy.

Darling Army aprons
Get your old-school video game fix with Mario and Zelda aprons. Darling Army

Geeks know there's more to life than video game marathons and "Star Trek" reruns. Sometimes, you need to step into the kitchen and make cookies with your "Star Wars" cookie cutters.

It's important to be properly outfitted when you're role-playing as a chef. You may want to pick up one of Etsy seller Darling Army's geek aprons as a personal force field for your body before you start flinging flour about.

Darling Army offers everything from an Iron Man apron to a green apron featuring Link from The Legend of Zelda. Mario fans aren't left out either. There's a Piranha Plant apron with some cleverly placed teeth near the bodice.

The aprons range from $60 to $95. My personal favorite is the fun and flirty $85 Tardis pinafore complete with windows and public call-box sign.

I have some suggestions for food pairings for a couple of these aprons. Wear the Rebel Alliance apron when you're baking a life-size Stormtrooper cake or chowing down on a "Star Wars" Darth Vader burger. The Tardis apron will go nicely with a bag of jelly babies.

Tardis and Star Wars aprons
Choose your fandom. Darling Army

(Via Geeks are Sexy)

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