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Neonode recalls N2 handset

Neonode recalls its N2 touch-screen handset.

Neonode recalls N2 because of "reception problems." Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

Some of you might recall the Neonode N2, which we first showed to you at CES earlier this year. The compact handset was a unique take on touch-screen technology, utilizing an infrared light grid to track finger movements. We reviewed it, and even though we thought the technology had promise, we didn't find it to be very practical. That said, it looks like Neonode has a lot more problems with the N2 than initially realized.

Because of "reception problems," the company had decided to recall its N2 product from the shelves. They've fixed the problem, but the recall and repair has cost the company time and money, and it is also facing a lack of sales, perhaps because of entering too many new markets too quickly. We haven't heard a lot of complaints about the N2's reception issues, but if you have experienced this, it's probably not too late to see if you can get yours fixed as well.