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NeoMagic pulls out another rabbit

The graphics chipmaker extends its lead in notebook PC multimedia accelerators, according to a new report.

NeoMagic extended its lead in the second quarter of 1998 for notebook PC multimedia graphics accelerators, according to a new report from In-Stat.

During the second quarter of 1998, NeoMagic captured 54 percent of the total notebook graphics market, compared to a 49 percent share in the first quarter, In-Stat reported.

NeoMagic gained the top spot in revenues in the fourth quarter of 1997, and assumed unit leadership in the first quarter of this year.

"It is clear that NeoMagic's innovative single-chip accelerators have found favor with all the major notebook suppliers," said Scott Hudson, senior analyst-PC Technology, in a statement. "NeoMagic's wide-spread acceptance is growing as the notebook manufacturers continue to add (its) accelerators across multiple product lines."

After the main microprocessor, graphics chips are the most critical piece of silicon in personal computers today. These chips handle the manipulation of images users see on their computer screens and are increasingly important as computer interfaces and 3D games become more sophisticated and demanding.

"In both revenues and units, NeoMagic grew market share in the traditional 'soft' second quarter. This represents a continuation of NeoMagic's technological acceptance when you have a 54 percent market share of revenues," Hudson said, in a statement.

"During the quarter, we saw more than 20 notebook manufacturers ? introduce over 30 new notebook models incorporating a NeoMagic multimedia accelerator," said Prakash Agarwal, president and chief executive officer of NeoMagic, in a statement.