Neingrenze tilt-shift pocket cam lands at Photojojo

Give your photos a miniaturized look with this toy camera.


Most people fake tilt-shift photography with plug-ins and apps. That's mostly because true tilt-shift photos require an expensive camera and a lens that's not only pricey, but takes some skill to use correctly. But if you're up for investing nearly $2,000 for a lens, this $149 toy camera now available from Photojojo might be enough to satiate your desires.

This tiny 5-megapixel pocket camera has an actual tilted lens to create the depth-of-field needed to make your subjects look like tiny toy models. The camera also has lo-fi toy camera and pinhole effects you can shoot with as well as sepia, monochrome, and vivid color settings. It'll also capture VGA movie clips at 15 frames per second.

It seems you'll still need some experimentation skills to get the best results (as evidenced by Photojojo's sample shots) and you probably won't be able to get truly amazing tilt-shift photos. But, hey, it's $149 and fits in your pocket.

And if time-lapse video is more your thing, check out this $149 weather-resistant camera that records for up to 200 days at 24-hour intervals. Intervals can be set from 5 seconds to 24 hours and it has a macro mode for those close-up nature shots.

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