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Neiman Marcus offers $1.5 million outdoor entertainment system

A massive LED TV hides in the ground in your backyard if you're wealthy enough to buy Neiman Marcus' high-end entertainment system.

Neiman Marcus catalog page
Take a page from the Neiman Marcus catalog. Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Every year, high-end department store Neiman Marcus releases its Christmas Book, a gift guide for people with deep pockets. Within that book are a series of "fantasy gifts" reserved for people with the deepest pockets ever. The 2013 edition brings us a $1.5 million Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment System with some unusual features.

You could buy a whole lot of gigantic flat-screen TVs for $1.5 million, so what's so special about this setup? For starters, the waterproof C Seed 201-inch LED screen is stored underground. At the push of a button it telescopes up for viewing. The massive screen is marketed as the world's largest outdoor TV.

The system also comes with a whole array of speakers for a surround-sound experience, a DirecTV satellite, 300 movies built in, and two iPad Minis to act as remote controls.

If $1.5 million isn't enough, you can choose to upgrade the system with two giant outdoor loudspeakers for a total of $2.64 million. I'm assuming that if you're buying this, you have an estate large enough to not bother your neighbors when you crank up the latest Michael Bay movie.

The massive price tag does include all the gear, delivery, and installation. Included at no extra charge: the look on your friends' faces when you invite them over for movie night and this behemoth pops out of the ground in your backyard.