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Neil Gaiman soothes everyone's live-action Coraline fears

Don't worry, you won't have to look at those button eyes for real.


Coraline is based on Neil Gaiman's novel.


Take a deep breath, Coraline fans. It looks like your beloved 2009 stop-motion dark fantasy film won't be getting the Disney live-action reboot treatment. 

A rumor exploded on Twitter this week that the movie, adapted from Neil Gaiman's book, would get living, breathing actors like Aladdin and the upcoming Mulan did. A lot of fans weren't thrilled, saying the original should just be left alone.

Gaiman rode to the rescue on Twitter on Tuesday morning. First he asked if anyone knew where "this live action Coraline nonsense" started.

He followed that up by saying a live-action remake had not crossed anyone's mind. 

It's hard to determine where the live-action rumor originated, though it's worth noting the existence of an expired casting call for a New York University student film in 2017 of a live-action version of Coraline. The call requested "an expressive actor to capture the physicality of Coraline's father Charlie Jones."

One possible origin story for the rumor is that a fan of Natalia Dyer from Stranger Things suggested the actress would make for a good Coraline. It was just a bit of dream-casting, but it may have sparked the movie remake talk.

Twitter trends have a way of feeding on themselves like a serpent that eats its own tail. At least we had Gaiman ready to sort us out and save us from the horrors of an Other World where Coraline goes live action.