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Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye on what was wrong with 'Interstellar'

Scientists Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson sat down to discuss the movie "Interstellar," and why one surprising plot point in the film destroyed the movie's believability for both of them.

If a situation was dire enough, would leaving the Earth behind be a better alternative than trying to save it? That's the discussion Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye had in the latest "How Tweet It Is" video on deGrasse Tyson's StarTalk Radio YouTube channel.

In the clip, the two thinkers revisited this November 2014 tweet from deGrasse Tyson about the hit sci-fi movie "Interstellar," which critiqued the film from a scientific and practical logic perspective. In 2014, deGrasse Tyson rated for scientific accuracy. But he also took issue with a couple of plot points, including that he "can't imagine a future where escaping Earth via wormhole is a better plan than just fixing Earth."

Turns out that plot point bugged Nye as well. "This is what made [the movie] literally incredible for me," Nye says in the video, adding, "Why leave the freaking Earth, people? This is where we make our stand."

The two scientists didn't really take issue with the the idea that a massive blight like the one in "Interstellar" could happen and threaten the Earth -- in fact, it seemed both thought this was a possibility -- but they really took issue with how the movie envisioned humanity reacting to that threat. Wouldn't humans fight harder to save the planet instead of so readily ditching it in hopes of finding a better opportunity among the cosmos?

Definitely, these two think. You can learn more about why they think so by watching the video above, and learn about another surprising beef Nye has with "Interstellar" -- one that involves actress Anne Hathaway.