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Need to manage 25,000 CDs? No problem

A new version of the Qsonix music system gets a larger screen and increases its capacity to 1.5 terabytes.


Qsonix is a company that doesn't believe in doing anything small. Its original touch-screen media system, for example, was the first we'd seen that stores a terabyte of music while controlling four zones throughout the house independently with their own songs and settings.

And now it's gotten even bigger, with a new 17-inch screen (the previous one was 15 inches) and an additional 500GB of storage. That's right: Up to 1.5 terabytes of media, which translates to 4,000 CDs or 25,000 when compressed, according to Electronic House. Also available is software updated with new features, such as the option to burn and play back CDs simulateously, for free--which is a good thing, because the last version cost up to $7,795.