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Need to destroy data? This sticker is a tickler

Creative artist from the Free Art and Technology Lab has created a helpful (well, at least a hilarious) sticker for those who need to destroy data fast.

drilling sticker
Randy Sarafan/F.A.T.

Hard-core downloaders probably have a recurring nightmare of police or federal agents crashing through the door, seizing everything in sight that uses an Internet connection. Game over.

What's the backup plan in this life-changing situation? There are several serious solutions, such as a hard-drive eraser device, or forensic-beating software like Darik's Boot and Nuke. Randy Sarafan of the Free Art & Technology Lab, suggests an alternative in the special Media Artist Contingency Plan stickers, which inform one exactly where to drill to ensure some headaches for investigators.

It's time. You know what to do. Randy Sarafan/F.A.T.

Of course, just drilling straight into a hard drive will not guarantee complete data destruction, as advanced forensic labs can still retrieve data off damaged drives. Regardless, the hilarious sticker can be downloaded in single or sheet form, and printed out on a transparent adhesive label (available at most office supply stores).

The stares you'll get at the coffee shop will be priceless as people really wonder what you're doing online.

The eclectic Web site also recommends that if you're unsure where the hard drive is on your laptop or other device, check out iFixit, which fully details the internal makeup of many popular computing devices. This will ensure the sticker is placed correctly over the HDD or flash drive so you don't actually drill through the motherboard instead.

(Via Geekologie)